The official national Thailand lottery is run by the GLO, or Government Lottery office and is a state run lottery with draws that take place twice a month. The draw dates are the 1st and 16th of each month. If you enjoy gambling and want to keep it legal then the Thai lottery and betting on horse racing are your only officially sanctioned options.

Thai Lottery Result

Thailand Lottery Result Today

Even though the payout of the Thai lottery is quite a bit lower compared to payouts in other lotteries around the world it is still very popular among Thai people. It is a significant source of state funds and enables government organisations to support different initiatives and charitable causes including the likes of the Thai Red Cross which receive 4 Billion Baht each year from the money raised from the sale of Thailand lottery tickets. Of course, winners of the lottery would also be smiling with their pockets being a few million Baht richer. A number of community projects and other charities also benefit from the proceeds and many of the retailers that sell the tickets are often disabled.

How much does a Thai lottery ticket cost?

Officially a Thai lottery ticket costs 40 Baht but as the tickets are sold in pairs you would be paying 80 Baht for two tickets. This is the official price though and because the tickets are sold by vendors who want to make a higher profit the price you would pay when buying a Thai lottery ticket will almost always be higher than this. Expect to pay between 100 and 130 Baht per ticket depending on where you buy it.

Thailand Lottery

Where to buy Thai lottery tickets

Tickets for the Thailand lottery are bought by wholesalers who in turn sell them onto retailers. These retailers can be found throughout Thailand from dusty roads in rural areas to markets and busy streets of large cities like Bangkok. They are easily recognisable by the thin wooden briefcases that they carry their stock of lottery tickets in. They will set their tables up almost anywhere to sell their tickets. Thai lottery tickets can also be bought at stands that are set up outside convenience stores like Big C and Tesco.

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Types of Thailand Lottery tickets

Thai lottery tickets come in two variations. These are the Thai Government Lottery and the Thai Charity Lottery. The tickets cost the same but have different payouts. The Thai Charity Lottery has the higher prize money with a first prize of 3 million Baht. The Thai Government Lottery has a first prize of 2 million Baht. Because the tickets are sold in pairs, both with the same number printed on the tickets, the person holding the winning tickets receives the above mentioned prize money per ticket. That means that the prize money is in fact doubled because the winner effectively holds two winning tickets. You can tell the two tickets apart by looking at the title on the upper left corner of the ticket but you’ll have to be able to read Thai.

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Obviously, as with any lottery, there are a lot of checks and balances to ensure fairness and to maintain the confidence of the public who participate in these lotteries. At each draw ten people who are not connected in any way to the lottery are invited to attend the draw to act as witnesses. As mentioned earlier, these draws take place on the 1st and 16th of each month and are postponed to the following day should these dates happen to coincide with a holiday. The people who attend the draw as witnesses inspect the equipment and balls used for the draw to satisfy themselves that everything is on the level. One of the guests is chosen as a Draw Chairman and they select the set of balls that will be used for the draw.

There is one First prize (2 million or 3 million Baht depending on lottery), 5 Second prizes (100,000 Baht) and 10 Third prizes (40,000 Baht). There are 50 Fourth prizes (20,000 Baht) and 100 Fifth prizes 10,000 Baht. There are also 4,000 draws for tickets that match 3 digits (2,000 Baht) and 10,000 draws for tickets matching 2 digits (1,000 Baht). Bear in mind that because of the strange policy of selling tickets in pairs these winnings are in effect all doubled.

If you hold a ticket with the winning numbers you have two years to claim your prize. If you’ve won less than 20,000 Baht you can collect your winnings from one of the lottery ticket vendors. The vendor will normally take between 1% and 2% of the winnings as a commission for cashing the ticket. If you’ve won more than 20,000 Baht then you will have to go in person to the Government Lottery Office ,which is in Nonthaburi, to collect your winnings.

Thailand Lottery Result

If you want to watch the draws live they are broadcast on National Broadcasting Services of Thailand as well as Spring News. If you don’t have access to television you could also listen in on the radio on Radio Thailand. The winning numbers are displayed on the screen at the end of the coverage and are also shown on the website of the Government Lottery Office.

Thai Lottery Sure Number

In every game of chance people will always look for an edge and the Thai lotto is no exception. Thai people are generally fairly superstitious and look for inspiration for winning lotto numbers or a “Sure Number” from all sorts of sources. Often Thai people pay attention to the details of calamities such as car accidents and then use the numbers from the license plates of the cars involved or the highway numbers as inspiration for what they feel are lucky numbers. Other perceived sources of a sure number are dreams or what they feel may look like a number in the bark of a tree or a report of an animal born with an extra limb. There are even magazines available in Thailand that focus on numerology and advice on winning Thai lottery numbers.

Thai Lottery Sure Number

There are a number of websites that claim to offer Thai lottery tips and sure number advice. Some even charge a subscription fee to get Thailand lottery VIP tips. These websites also add a disclaimer saying that they only offer clues or advice and they may be right or they may be wrong. If they manage to predict something close to the winning numbers then they claim that they have special insight. If they get it wrong it’s a matter of “better luck next time”.

Thai Lottery Winning Numbers

If there was a sure way to know in advance what the winning lottery numbers were then the Thai lottery would have gone out of business a long time ago. Also, you should be sceptical of anyone who says that they have information that you could use to win the Thai lottery. If they have special information about a sure number then why don’t they just use that info themselves to win the lottery? While many will continue to look for signs in bizarre places the only real tip that will up your chances of winning the Thai lottery is to buy more tickets.

Underground Thai Lottery

While the 2 official Thai Lotto games are very popular they are outdone by the illegal, but tolerated, underground lottery. The underground Thai lottery is extremely popular. One of the reasons for this is that the odds of winning a prize (1 in 100) are considerably higher in the underground lottery than in the official Thailand Lottery. Of course the funds raised by these lotteries don’t go into state coffers or onto charitable causes.

While most of the Thai are superstitious and looking for a sure number there are many others who are more pragmatic and realize the odds of winning big but want to play anyway. The popularity and hype seems to be on the increase for the Thailand Lottery.